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diarrhea and vomit

Diarrhea, vomiting, and passing out… whats wrong?
First I would like to say that I am a 22 year old healthy female. No, I am not a health freak or anything but as of last year (last time I had a physical) I was a normal young female.

My first episode happened about a year ago. I woke up in the middle of the night with horrible stomach pains, even worse than menstrual cramps. I felt like I may vomit so I grabbed a trash can and headed for the toilet. I proceeded to have horrible diarrhea and after about 10 seconds I PASSED OUT while on the toilet! I came to after a few moments, well I actually have no clue how long I was out for. When I regained consciousness I laid on the floor with the chills and a tingling sensation throughout my body. After a minute or two I got the strength to finish up in the bathroom and go lay back in bed because I was FREEZING! I woke my boyfriend and he got me some water because I could barely walk I was so fatigued by the whole ordeal.

This entire scenario has occurred about 5 times in the last year except I have learned to lie down or stick my head between my legs when I feel that Im going to pass out.

What is wrong with me? I cannot pinpoint any food that I have been eating because it has not been consistent to a certain meal or food item that I eat that night.

Please help if you have any idea what I can do before I resort to going to the doctor.
Thank You.

Answer by Lil me and, U da’ wanna be!!
Im not positive but you may have a stomache virus.You should consult your doctor, and tell him/her your symtoms.

Most of your symptoms are very similar to these wich result as a stomache virus:

Watery diarrhea
Extreme abdominal discomfort
Ongoing fever
Excessive thirst
Severe weakness
Lethargy and fatigue

Or you may just have a Astrovirus. The symptoms to these are:
Abdominal pain

These are only my guests of what may be wrong!!!
Here ia an list of treatments not to take:

anti-inflammatory medicines

I would suggest drinking 2 pints more of water than usual
I know you said it has nothing to do with your diet but I also think you should not eat non- acid or solid foods
Such as :

Hard Candy

Things that you maybe can eat is:
and juice non- concentrate.

As for your passing out you should drink lots of cold water. Keep a cool cloth over your head to keep from dizziness.

Good Luck and I hope I helped!!! :)
p.s Im also having a little sickness going on can you atleast try to answer my question :


diarrhea and vomit:Diarrhea, vomiting, and passing out… whats wrong?


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