Diarrhea, cramping, vomiting. What is wrong?!?
I’ve been to the doctor and ambulatory, had a stool culture done and have had blood tests done. Results showed it to be a viral infection, which I am having trouble believing. For the past 3…. YES 3 weeks I’ve had diarrhea (very watery, greenish brown color), vomiting spells (been a good 4 or 5 days since I’ve thrown up now), and horrible horrible gas (both ends). I have somewhat painful cramping (which has somewhat died down, but not a ton) in the abdominal region. No fever, and physically (aside from the abdominal region being messed up) I feel absolutely fine. No headaches, etc. Any ideas what this could be? I’m going back to the doc tomorrow, I’m just curious if anyone has an idea since they’ve been no help, what-so-ever.
I don’t think I mentioned that it has been on and off.. When it first started, it lasted 2 days or so, then I was fine for just as long. Then it lasted for 4-5 days the next spell, and then I was fine for a few days, and so on so forth… I’m going insane! Ahh!
Well, my dinner (small piece of steak and some veggies) which I ate about 4 hours ago just came back up… None of it appeared to be digested, and I’m wondering why….

Answer by Anna
it very well could be a viral infection… Possibly a form of food poisoning? That’s what it sounds to me.. E. Coli or Salmonella… I had food poisoning once, it was terrible but it only lasted about 3 days opposed to 3 weeks. . . Good Luck at the Doc’s and I hope you feel well soon!

Answer by Classic America
Sounds like you have a stomach virus.

I would advise you take gas medicines, but don’t take anything to settle your stomach.
Even if it turns painful, the only way you’re body can get rid of the virus is by expelling it out one of your ends.
If you start to get a fever, that is a good sign. Don’t try to treat it unless it gets to 101.0
about 24 hours straight of fever should kill the virus and get you back to normal.

Answer by puma
Sounds like a virus and seems you’re getting better

vomiting diarrhea headache:Diarrhea, cramping, vomiting. What is wrong?!?


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