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vomiting fever

Diarrhea and Vomiting no fever?
Yesterday when I got home from school I felt sick, and so when I got up to go to the bathroom I barfed everywhere (I am 13 year old girl). I puked about 10 times yesterday and it was horrible. I was so thirsty and every time I would drink things about 10 minutes later I would puke it up. That finally stopped, however along with the vomiting I still have terrible diarrhea. It smells awful and my stomach is really upset and I can hear it and it feels like a swirling of liquids, etc. in my stomach. What should I be eating and what do I have? I haven’t eaten anything other than SoBe life water, gatorade, and water and how do I get rid it? Please help! Thanks!

Answer by Debbie
sounds like you have a bug or food poisoning unfortunately you can’t eat that feeds the bacteria causing the diahorea. You could go to a pharmacy and get diastop or similar that will stop the diahorea drink lucazade that will keep up your electrolytes if no improvement after 24 hrs see a doctor

Answer by Samuel
Folks end up getting diarrhea for a huge number of different causes and often it is next to nothing to be concerned about. You can get over the counter medication to assist you to settle your stomach so you must drink plenty of water to ensure you don’t end up being dehydrated. Occasionally you will have couple of other signs and symptoms on top of that. In case your diarrhea continues on for 3 days or even more it is best to really attend the doctor simply because this can be a signal of something even more serious that’s wrong.

vomiting fever:Diarrhea and Vomiting no fever?


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