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vomiting diarrhea baby

Could This Be Signs Of Beginning Labor?
I am 33 weeks pregnant. I have had diarrhea & some vomiting since Saturday morning. I went to the ER Saturday night, I was a little dehydrated. I was in labor & delivery for about five hours, they ran fluids, baby looked healthy & I wasn’t having contractions so they sent me home. They told me to take Imodium & Tylenol as the box directed which I have. Neither have helped. I still have diarrhea, no vomiting & I don’t have an appetite. I have heard some women experience this before they go into labor. I’m still not having contractions that I’m aware of, and I’m pretty sure I’d be aware of them. Do you think that may be possible that labor is soon to come? Also I am having heavy discharge, I have not experienced this earlier…It started about the same time as the diarrhea. It’s white/clear & very thick. Any ideas about all of this?

Answer by miss assi
this happened to my mother before she started labor with my sister as well. She called the doctor they said theres nothing wrong and it isnt a sure sign of labor, either her water will break or she will start having contractions. The diareah is normal, even if your eating normal food, try having a piece of plain toaste to help with the diareah and avoid dairy. Not having an apetite is normal during pregnancy and can happen in the begingin middle or end or even all 9 months. I dont think your going into labor now its just some other random un justified symtoms of pregnancy. You can always talk to your doctor and ask why do women experience this during pregnancy if your curious. Id love to know the exact reasons why and whats happening to do this but anyways your fine for now im sure. :) congrats on your baby

vomiting diarrhea baby:Could This Be Signs Of Beginning Labor?


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