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vomiting fever

Contagious virus that results in fever/vomiting?
I’m writing a story and in it one of the characters gets sick (fever + vomiting) and has to stay away from his girlfriend because it’s contagious. I would like to make this story as realistic as possible so it would help me if someone could tell me about a virus or something that this person could have gotten.

thanks =)
In response to Flinger’s answer, my story doesn’t take place in Africa =/
It doesn’t have to be deathly or over the top. just a simple thing that’ll keep him in bed for a few days

Answer by FlingerShock

Answer by jmurillo82
its the influenza virus, or the flu, most common in the states, very contageous and common. I actually had it like 5 days ago.
yeah but its only contageous for a day or two i think so that may affect your story, good luck!

Answer by Maddie
How about gastroenteritis? Also known as the stomach flu. And is very contagious.

Symptoms include:
Abdominal Pain
Fatigue or tiredness

Answer by PJ

Answer by Steffanie
Ooooh gosh, definitely Ebola.
Maybe he’s a soldier returning from war, and in the country he was touring were biological terrorists who played around with the Ebola virus. Somehow (make this up) he gets infected and blam! Hemorrhage and die :P

vomiting fever:Contagious virus that results in fever/vomiting?


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