Can you have the stomach flu without vomiting?
I’m not sure what’s wrong with me. Yesterday I felt great, except my period is coming and I felt little cramps but still nothing big I took a midol and it went away. I went to a bonfire yesterday and we ate, had a good time. That’s when I started feeling a little sick. AFter I got home and took a shower I was watching TV on my couch and noticed my stomach was making noises, and it hurt because of gas. Well this morning I woke up unusually early (for me) at 6:30am, and I felt like I was going to throw up and my stomach hurt and I felt I had to use the bathroom. I went to the bathroom and my stomach felt better.
Well a little earlier my stomach started hurting and I felt that I had to go again, and I went and now I feel better, not great, but I feel a bit better. I’m not having diarrhea by the way.
My mom felt my forehead and she said it felt a little warm and told me to take advil but I’m scared I might throw up, im emetophobic.
My question is could I have the stomach flu even without vomiting?
Or could it just be a little fever because my pants were wet at the beach and then it got dark and cold and that could have made me sick, and also going from cold air to warm air of the bonfire?
Or just PMS?
I haven’t ate yet; I’m afraid to eat or take medicine or advil because I’m scared I might vomit

Answer by Grace
Having the flu does not mean you HAVE to vomit. But, do try to get some kind of liquid into yourself, like chicken soup or ginger ale. This will help keep your blood sugar up and might help mitigate nausea.

It’s impossible to diagnose over the internet, but I can give you some general information. It’s a myth that changes in temperatures make people sick. Viruses make people sick. Changes in temperature may stress one’s immune system slightly, but they don’t directly make you sick.

vomiting fever:Can you have the stomach flu without vomiting?


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