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nausea vomiting

Can you have appendicitis if you dont have nausea and vomiting?
My right lower abdomen hurts when I urinate and walk but I am not sick to my stomach and I am not vomiting. Is it appendicitis or maybe is it menstral cramps? I am due in a week or so. The pain never moved it has been in the one spot the whole time.

Answer by Kayde
it could be. i had the same thing and all the doctors thought that i had appendicitis but it turned out that i have a disease called colitis. i was doubeled over in pain and had to hold my side when i walked. but usually it starts near your belly button. get it looked at!

Answer by jandy
could have a uti traveling upwards in ureter to kidney on R side.
You can have appendicitis without n/v. usually starts periumbilical and moves to R lower quadrant, can be dx’d on CT scan. go to doctor. the clue is pain when you urinate. inc fluid intake

Answer by Indiana Jones
it sounds more like a kidney infection which isn’t nearly as serious but can become serious if you don’t get an antibiotic for it.

nausea vomiting:Can you have appendicitis if you dont have nausea and vomiting?


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