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Can you drink milk if you have the stomach virus?
My 3 and half year old has the stomach virus, he has been vomiting but no diarrhea yet. He loves milk, so my question is, is it ok to give them milk when they have the stomach virus?

Answer by flea
Sure, keep feeding him udder puss.

Answer by labdogs4me
The problem with giving him milk while he has a fever is it can curdle in his stomach and make him more nauseous than he already is. Try a clear soda or apple juice.

Answer by Susie B
If that’s all he wants then I would say yes, but try and get him to drink water, gatorade, this with electrolytes in it to help him stay hydrated so that this will pass faster and with out IV’s at the hospital, I would also add that giving it to him in small amounts is best. Hope this helps and I hope he gets better soon.

PS if he craves it he may be able to hold it down

Answer by woodlands127
If he has been throwing up he may not be able to keep it down, but if he’s willing to try it won’t hurt him. He should have whatever sounds good to him, I learned with my own 2 not to try to get them to eat or drink something they didn’t want when they were sick!

Answer by Sims2Player
When my kids were little like yours and they got sick where they were vomiting, I would still give them milk. It’s just that normally kids don’t really want to eat much of anything when they are feeling this way, so don’t expect him to want much. And it may still come back up. What you mainly need to try to get him to drink is water or one of the liquids sold over the counter that are made for kids to drink when they are suffering from diarrhea because whether it’s vomiting or diarrhea, you are most concerned with keeping him/her well hydrated.

If you can’t get your child to drink one of those OTC liquids, then try finding the popsicles that are made from this liquid. Many times children will eat those instead.

But don’t worry if your child doesn’t really want to eat for a day or two, it won’t hurt them as long as it’s not for more than a couple of days.

vomiting diarrhea virus:Can you drink milk if you have the stomach virus?


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