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pain diarrhea

Can moderate lower back problems/pain be a cause of diarrhea?
Almost every morning, I have moderate diarrhea problems accompanied by or maybe because of moderate lower back pain. I’m just curious if that might be the reason. My next step will be to go to a doctor if it’s something more serious, but of course I’d rather not if I don’t have to.

Answer by Giedrius M
Try drinking more water, it might be caused by dehydratation… but probably the cause is different. Better is seeing your doc.

Answer by ek_1_gk
a pinched nerve L4 L5 can cause problems with retention or diarrhea, but go and consult please

Answer by *WICKED*
I don’t see how the two are related. Sometimes lower back pain can be a sign of Kidney problems but the diarrhea could be from a dietary problem. Male sure you drink plenty of fluids to keep hydrated.

Answer by DH
Gallbladder disease can cause both diarrhea and lower back pain. It is more common for the pain to be in the right upper abdomen but it is also known to cause lower back pain without other symptoms. The biliary colic(causing pain) usually lasts 20 or 30 minutes at a time. Irritable Bowel Syndrome also can cause both those symptoms. Not to scare you, just to warn you, we all know a change in bowel habits is one of the warning signs of cancer (not likely) but you are suppose to see the doc when this happens. Be safe not sorry.

Answer by Deborah W
in terms of chinese medicine, lower back pain and diarrhea can be caused by weak kidney chi. In western terms this means weakened adrenal glands.

This guy writes about it in his blog, and has natural treatment that he guarantees. Check out the video in the tab for the book.

pain diarrhea:Can moderate lower back problems/pain be a cause of diarrhea?


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