Can lack of sleep and poor diet cause stomach problems?
This has happened to me three times in the last four months. It seems every night I go with very little sleep, I feel nauseous the next morning. I feel the urge to vomit, but never do, and the pain is being caused by diarrhea. It usually lasts about a day, but I lose my appetite for awhile. I’ll admit I don’t eat very well, when I do eat at all. I get full very fast, but my diet isn’t the best. Sleep seems to help for awhile, but the longer I stay awake, I begin feeling sick again. This is sometimes accompanied by stomach cramps as well. Any advice on what may be causing these problems?

Answer by Jschro
You should definitely eat more round meals, and get enough in your system to live off of. Pain is always a warning that something is wrong, and there’s too many frequent similarities to believe its just a coincidence.

Answer by Freyja
Yes, definitely.

You’re going to have to change your diet. I have had a lot of success with acupuncturists to help with my insomnia and stomach issues. I stopped going to them after I got my diet together and started exercising regularly.

Answer by missy j
try activia… you need probiotics because it sounds like your digestive system isn’t doing so well :/ i have the same problem. try to eat good foods and stay away from lots of calories. make sure you exercise too. :) hope i helped

Answer by Ryan
If your receiving stomach problems – in most cases you’ll probably find it’s diet related.

Whether you have a more serious condition or not, i’m not sure. But, i’m currently studying nutrition as well as other diet related topics and conditions similar to yours are definitely not uncommon.

Try cleaning your diet up. Eat a little more frequently and drink plenty of fluids, preferably water.

Unless there is something more severe at hand, stomach aches and the… rest are usually the cause of poor eating.

Good luck:)

Answer by Dustin&Angie L
You would be surprised what lack of sleep and poor diet can do to your body. Try eating healthier and not skipping meals, and maybe get some acid reflux medicine. Dramamine is available over the counter and is good for nausea and it will also help you sleep.

Answer by jennaxoxo143
i am pretty sure your stomach problems are caused by you poor diet not sleep becasue i get 5 hours a sleep a night and my stomach is fine. Sorry thats all i can help you with.

vomiting diarrhea diet:Can lack of sleep and poor diet cause stomach problems?

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