vomiting fever

Body aches, fatigue, vomiting, diarrhea; no fever or runny nose or cough. Could it be the Flu?

Answer by sunnysj
yes sounds like the flu

Answer by Denny O
Sounds like the flu.

Answer by WJ
It sounds more like a bad stomach virus than the flu but I would go to a doctor to find out for sure.

Answer by Dandy_Lyons
Sounds more like a stomach virus and not the flu.Drink lots of liquids and eat bland foods.

I hope you feel better soon!

Answer by MICHAEL M
actually its a bacterial infection of the stomach that is going around like crazy. my whole family just got over it. the flu is a virus and is usually accompanied by a fever. try the brat diet, bananas rice, applesauce and toast, and get yoyur rest. it’s gone within 48 hours. feel better!

Answer by lynnm
yes it is the flu, drink pleanty of fluids, and get lots of sleep if possible, you should start to feel better in 3-7 days, depends if you can get rest.

Answer by monkeyingaround411
damn yeah could also be some kind of diabetes.

Answer by freaky7up
Influenza my unfortunate sir good luck and godspeed.

Answer by judih1957
It is not the “flu” although many people use the term flu. Flu is influenza which is fever, body aches, and upper respiratory symptoms.
What you have is a nasty virus that is going around. I know I had it. All together it lasted about 5 days yet it took closer to 7 to fill 100%.
Be careful about getting dehydrated.
I had all the symptoms you described. Major fatigue…. I hope you feel better soon.. It is very contagious also. I am in Maryland but it is widespread.

Answer by shortstuff
It could be the flu, as there are many strains of it. You have to be very careful not to get dehyrated when experiencing diarrhea & vomiting. You may need to check with the doctor if the symptoms persist for more than a couple days. I have found that the BRAT diet helps when diarrhea & vomiting occur.

B= Banana
R= Cooked rice eaten plain
A= Applesauce
T= Dry toast

Be sure to drink water & lots of clear liquids (tea, chicken broth, room temperature jello water) 7-UP at room temp helps settles the stomach as well.

Feel better soon!

vomiting fever:Body aches, fatigue, vomiting, diarrhea; no fever or runny nose or cough. Could it be the Flu?

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dream walker
2012-03-08 15:31:24

NOT THE FLU, if it was a flu the person with it wouldn’t be able to move to get to the bathroom also there would be no vomiting or dirarrea. It is a stomach virus,

(Whoo! Just stop here! I'm too deep!)
2012-03-08 15:35:23

Noro virus

(Whoo! Just stop here! I'm too deep!)