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5 year old diarrhea and vomit only at night?
Ok, Here goes. I have a 5 year old son. He got sick in school on monday. I picked him up and he was fine all day, so i sent him to school on tuesday. He threw up again in school on tuesday and i had to pick him up again. Again he was fine for the rest of the day so I sent him to school on wednesday. Teacher calls to say he’s been sleeping and drinking water all morning so i brought him home yet again and took him to the DR. Doc said its a stomach bug. wait 24hrs after the vomiting to send him back school. now since the last time he vomited was tuesday i sent him back to school for thursday and friday and he had 2 complete days of school. BUT Friday night and tonight, Saturday, he’s back to throwing up WITH diarrhea. It only happens at night after he’s been asleep for a couple hours then he goes back to sleep afterwards and doesnt happen again all night long. He’s fine all day playing with his brothers and is as active as he usually is. He also only had a fever Monday night and hasnt had one since.

Has anyone experienced anything like this before??? Any suggestions??? and please dont answer just by saying take him to the doc.

Answer by Sin Is Heroine
He’s probably just sick like the doctor said. Maybe he has allergies though, monitor what he’s eating for the next couple days and if he’s eating the same thing most of the time try changing it. you know?

Answer by fusepark
It’s odd, but they had an episode of paroxysmal nocturnal vomiting in a child on Mystery Diagnosis that ended up being a very odd form of epilepsy. Before you go there, however, I would first suspect a virus that will go away on its own, as his doctor suspects, and then I would check his blood sugar.

Answer by pelican
This might be a long shot, but check to make sure your son is happy about everything at school. When my daughter was his age she had similar symptoms that defied us for weeks until we figured out something that was going on at school that she didn’t want to tell us about. When we fixed the problem at school, the vomiting and diarrhea disappeared.

diarrhea vomit:5 year old diarrhea and vomit only at night?


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